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Factors Affecting a Damaged Car’s Selling Price

Owning a car comes with a lot of challenges. You have to observe several maintenance practices to make sure it serves you for long. Using the right fuel is essential in preventing your engine from damage. Your vehicle also needs regular servicing to stay protected from any destruction. Car maintenance is also applicable when it comes to driving. How you drive your vehicle can determine the fate of its condition. Those that are driven carelessly are known to wear out or get damaged fast. One can also be involved in an accident that turns their vehicles into a mangled wreck.

There are junkyards or companies where you can sell broken car. They do pick vehicles with all sorts of damage, from mangled wrecks to those that have anDamaged Car engine knock. Different junkyards or damaged vehicle buying companies will list their price for your car. You are advised to compare the buying prices among them. Go for one who will offer a reasonable amount for your vehicle. Understanding the value of your car will help you come up with a reasonable price tag. However, you should know that there are a couple of things that may affect the selling price of your damaged automobile. Some of them include:

Damage extent

The extent of damage to your car may alter its price value. Slightly used cars will go for a higher price compared to those that are extremely damaged. This is because slightly damaged vehicles may incur them fewer costs when it comes to repairs or any other use. One can fix the damage on their cars to improve its condition and sell it at a more reasonable price.

Condition of engine

Auto ScrapyardThe state of the engine of your damaged car can also affect its price value. There are those who will sell their damaged vehicles without it while others may have it included. Engines that are not so damaged will cost more compared to those that are entirely functionless. Most yards will look at the engine condition before quoting their price.



It is not a common factor when it comes to selling damaged cars, but it may affect the price in a way. Most yards remove some of the car’s spare parts for sale or other uses. Car brands that are known to have spare parts that are not cheaply available will cost more compared to those that have parts that are common in the market. Car buying companies or junkyard owners may quote their price depending on the brand of your vehicle.